Why Corrosion FREE is the BEST!

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 7.43.10 PMDon’t take our word for it!  Read the Canadian Government Defence Research and Development Report and the Money Sense Article.

It’s clean, it’s clear and drip free. You can be confident it works because it’s a “see through” formula. It actually creeps and penetrates without dripping. A very important feature for protecting seams and crevices.

It’s much better than dealer applied or manufacturer’s rustproofing because it maintains the ‘factory new look’ beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Not only does it prevent body panel rust perforation, it also saves hundreds of dollars in repairs to fuel lines, fuel tanks, emergency brake cables and brake lines, items not covered by aftermarket or manufacturers’ warranties. New vehicles 1 and 2 model years old receive the full benefits of the Corrosion FREE Beyond the Future Warranty.

At Corrosion FREE, we take our commitment to your vehicle seriously. Not only did we develop the formula, but we also design and manufacture the special equipment to apply the product. You have the assurance of a thorough treatment in all the hidden areas requiring protection. We even train and certify technicians annually.

Quality Control – Every container is monitored for the amount of chemical used on each and every vehicle. As a courtesy we have created a computerized Customer Reminder and tracking system to remind you to come back for future applications.

Our product also has Polar Conduction, it is attracted to the metal.