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Common Questions

It was incorporated in 1995. The people behind the company have over 30 years’ experience in appearance care solutions and a proven track record in the rust proofing industry. Their love of cars became the drive in bringing Corrosion FREE to market.

Formula 3000 with CSC850 is clean, clear, drip-free, solvent-free, odor-free, non-toxic, a super lubricating metal conditioner with creeping and penetrating benefits – all in one formula. It is not a sealant that traps moisture, or an oil spray that rots rubber, damages plastic and tend to be messy and drippy. It contains active moisture displacers that last up to 18 months. Because it is clean and transparent you can actually see it preserving the original “factory new” appearance. It does not dry out, chip or peel off and its lubricating benefits continue indefinitely.

Actually our customers began calling it the “Cure”. We were so flattered, we trademarked the phrase. Think of it as an immunization program. Like most cures, it is only effective if the medicine or treatment is continued on a predetermined repetitive basis. The Corrosion Free “Cure” works great if it is reapplied at least every 18 months. We even guarantee it!*

Warranty Only applies to vehicles that were sprayed at a Corrosion FREE certified dealer.

Numerous highly refined chemicals are used to make the Corrosion FREE formula. It is very light and it has all the benefits of an old-fashioned annual spray treatment. The special additive CSC850 is unique to Corrosion FREE and it gives it the ability to creep and penetrate without dripping all over your driveway and interlocking stone. Formula 3000 with CSC850 is our “secret weapon against corrosion”.

The answer is NO to both questions. Corrosion FREE was developed with the environment in mind. It is a product that is not subject to TSCA or is not controlled by WHMIS as it presents no health or flammability hazards.

You can wash your vehicle immediately after the treatment. Unlike other preventing methods, Corrosion FREE will not trap moisture. It literally pushes it away, leaving behind a corrosion fighting lubricating film.

Certainly not! Like other types of maintenance, it is always cheaper in the long run. Most vehicles can have the protection of Corrosion FREE “Cure the Rust” program for less than 25 cents a day.  Our Formula 3000 with CSC 850 product can be applied by one of our Corrosion FREE Zone Dealers or with our simple to use Do It Yourself Kits

A complete package application will take about 1 hour.

Corrosion FREE Formula 3000 with CSC850 can actually clean and stop the progression of surface corrosion. Once your vehicle is enrolled in the program you can return to any Corrosion FREE zone for a no charge treatment of a stone-chip or paint abrasion. This will ensure that the damaged area never progresses to a perforation or hole. Every 18 months when your vehicle returns for its complete protection treatment, we once again give attention to those areas where surface corrosion could take hold.

No, that’s very bad for today’s newer vehicles! Black tar like or waxy coatings are just a ‘cover up’. They seal moisture against the metal and in most cases when they flake or peel off, rusty holes appear on the previously coated surface. Because Corrosion FREE product is clear and you can see through it, you know it really works. It makes the underbody look great too.

If your vehicle arrives at Corrosion FREE zone with a heavy residue of mud, we would have to wash it before treatment could be done. Not all dealers offer this service and there would be an additional charge to have this done.

We recommend that any heavy accumulation of mud and dirt be pressure washed from the frame and wheel wells before you bring it to the Corrosion FREE Zone for treatment.  This will allow the Corrosion FREE Zone to help have your vehicle treated efficiently and with no additional charge for cleaning the mud and dirt off.

Of course it can. Because Corrosion FREE chases water, it can be applied on rainy days. Water actually accelerates Corrosion FREE’s creeping abilities because it moves quickly on wet surfaces to attack and displace moisture in tight seams and hard to reach crevices. Some competitors products are designed to mix with water with the idea that when the product drips off, the water goes with it. Not so with Corrosion FREE. We make sure that our chemical chases only the water from the metal. This is another reason why Corrosion FREE gives longer lasting protection to your vehicle.

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