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Whether you call it rustproofing or undercoating Corrosion Free is here for you. Our product Rust Cure Formula 3000 protects your vehicle against damage caused by salt, de-icing fluids and winter driving conditions. Vehicles aren’t cheap, let us help you save money and prolong the life of your vehicle.  Find your local dealer.

Snow plow truck

Liquid Brine

De-icing fluids are very effective on roads but can prove devastating to the metal and frame of your vehicle. It is much more corrosive than rock salt, it stays on your car and slowly eats away.

Temperature Changes

Temperature Changes

Temperature fluctuations accelerate corrosion. Trapped moisture mixed with road salt/de-icing fluids only needs warmth to cook the rot.

Rust Protection

Rust Protection

Give your vehicle the ability to fight back! Our product bonds with the metal to create a new surface of protection. Brine and moisture cannot penetrate this bond, rust and corrosion stop.

Road Salt

Road Salt

Road salt is extremely corrosive and over time can cause extensive damage to vehicles. Repeated exposure every winter can create a huge list of problems.

Find a Local certified Corrosion FREE Zone

Or purchase a do it yourself kit

Find a Local certified Corrosion FREE Zone

Find a local certified Corrosion FREE Zone offering application of our unique rustproofing. Give your vehicle the ability to fight! Book early to avoid disappointment. Rustproofing protection with a focus on safety, appearance and huge savings.

Purchase a do it yourself kit

Rust cure formula 3000

Can’t find a local applying dealer? All hope is not lost! Check out our simply Do It Yourself Kits.

Free shipping on $99 +. We offer huge discounts on applicator gun and product purchases.

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** This applies to Canada and the 48 contiguous states. **

Why us?

Rust Cure is clean, clear and drip free. You can be confident it works because it is a “see through” formula. It creeps and penetrates without dripping. A very important feature for rustproofing to stay on the car, dripping doesn’t help anyone.

We are Rustproofing at its best! Don’t take our word for it! Please read these third party results.

The Best Rustproofing Warranty in The Industry

Corrosion Free offers the best rustproofing warranty in the industry. Qualified vehicles receive the industry’s best and most comprehensive warranty. 

Benefits of Corrosion Free

Corrosion FREE gives your vehicle the ability to fight back. Temperature changes from cold to hot, freezing and thawing is devastating to the seams and spot welds of a vehicle. Trapped moisture, mixed with salt and de-icing fluids only need the warm sun to cook the rot and creates rust and corrosion.  The metal needs protection or buffering from this. Rust Cure bonds with the metal through its unique polarity, creating a new surface of protection. Water, oxygen and salt cannot penetrate this bond, rust and corrosion stop.     



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