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Rust Cure Formula 3000 is a clean, clear, dripless, odourless and non-toxic Rustproofing. Also Super lubricating metal conditioner with creeping and penetrating benefits – all in one formula. It contains active rust inhibitors and moisture displacers that last up to 18 months. After applying you might just catch your car smiling!

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We know we’re the best but don’t take our word for it, Read the Canadian Government Defence Research & Development Report ~ Money Sense article ~ Cansumer Report ~ Comparison Report

Advanced Formula

Our technology surpasses simply coating the metal, it bonds with the metal through its unique polarity, creating a new surface of protection. Like a magnet to steel, will not drip, stays soft and self healing. Water, oxygen and salt cannot penetrate this bond, rust and corrosion stop.

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About Us

Our Grandpa, designed and developed Rust Cure Formula 3000. The first clean, dripless and odourless rustproofing. Best of all it is non-toxic, it had to be with family members doing the blending. Family owned and operated for 28 years.

The Best Warranty

Our Beyond the Future Warranty is the best in the Industry. We warranty items that no one else does; ie fuel tanks, fuel lines, hydraulic brake lines, emergency brake cables and have been doing so since 1995.

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