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Check out a feature article of one of our Dealers in Ratchet and Wrench Magazine.

The Latest Technology
in Rustproofing

Our Product
Rust Cure Formula 3000

Rust Cure Formula 3000 is Clean, Clear, Dripless and Odourless. It creeps and penetrates without dripping, stays soft and does not dry. Safe to spray in your existing bays. Please read these third party results. Canadian Government Defence Research & Development Report ~ Money Sense article ~ Cansumer Report ~ Comparison Report.

“In more severe environments, the choice of CPC is important. of the CPCs tested, Corrosion Free, Formula 3000 showed the most corrosion

Your Customers
want Corrosion FREE

Your clients are your target group.
Customers want a clean solution to rust and corrosion, Corrosion FREE hits the mark. Computer customer tracking included, we remind your customers to come back for reapplication. Saves you time.

“Heitbrink says that along with the additional revenue, it’s also brought in new customers to the shop that said that they originally came into the shop because it offered rust-proofing.”

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