The Best Warranty in the Industry
Car going up in rust

Qualified vehicles receive the industry’s best and most comprehensive warranty.  Corrosion Free protects fuel tanks, fuel lines, hydraulic brake lines and emergency brake cables.  That’s why we can confidently cover these items by our warranty.

Check the terms of our manufacturer’s new car warranty.  Don’t be surprised to find rust perforation to be limited to just 3 years.  On the other hand, examine the terms of our warranty.  You will quickly recognize the tremendous benefits made possible by Corrosion FREE’s formula and you will welcome the peace of mind offered by this one of a kind warranty.*

*Please refer to ‘Beyond the Future Warranty‘ for specific coverage and exclusions.  Warranty only applies to vehicles those application was done at a Certified Corrosion FREE Zone dealer.

Have rustproofing questions? We can help, contact us! Also, feel free to check out our FAQ’s

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