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Stop Rust and Corrosion Today!

Helping You Weather the Storm of Rust

The salt marine environment is the perfect storm for rust and corrosion. Protect your equipment with our Cure for Rust. Rust Cure is clean, clear and drip-free. It is a soft coating that bonds with the metal through its unique polarity, creating a new surface of protection. Water, oxygen and salt cannot penetrate this bond, rust and corrosion stop. Rust Cure is non-toxic, nonflammable and odor-free.
Protect your boat from rust

Applications for Marine - chains, locks, hinges, nuts and bolts, tackle boxes and fishing gear to name a few.

Boat trailer rust protection
Boat electronics rust protection

Boat Trailer

Apply Rust Cure to winches, suspension, electrical connections and any exposed metal.


Rust Cure is non-conductive. It will protect electrical connections, switches and contacts from malfunction.

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