Rust Cure Formula 3000 1G (4L) Jug Only

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Rust Cure Formula 3000 with CSC 850 Rustproofing 4L (1G) Jug Only


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  • Clean, Clear, Drip-Free Rustproofing
  • Lubricant & Penetrant
  • Excellent inner and outer panel protection
  • Thousands of uses

Rust Cure 3000 combines moisture displacing abilities with lubricating benefits. Exclusive formula can be applied to all metals, plastics, rubber and vinyl. Works to dissolve and flush away rust and corroded contaminates. Leaves a superior lubricating film providing long term protection to seams, crevices and hidden areas. Safe for electronics, paint, rubber or vinyl surfaces. Use on vehicles, farm equipment, boats, planes, garden equipment, snow machines and jet skis, salt and fertilizer spreaders, hinges, locks, guns and anything that moves or requires protection from the elements. Apply liberally. Allow to soak in. Treat metal seams, lapped joints and spot welds. Spray electrical connectors, contacts, switches, light
sockets and electric motors for protection against seizure and malfunction. Will also unseize previously unprotected items. Periodic applications provide maximum protection.

• Super Heavy Duty Rust & Corrosion Protection
• Prevents the start of corrosion in seams and crevices – maintains structural integrity of metals.
• Removes and displaces moisture in hidden cavities,including salt water.
• Prevents paint blistering at edge of overlapped seams.
• Protects underbody – fuel and brake lines.
• Protects against abrasion between painted and vinyl surfaces.
• Dissolves and neutralizes existing rust and corrosion.
• Penetrates deeply and lubricates.
• Stops electrolysis between dissimilar metals.
• Restores UV-damaged rubber and vinyl.
• Non-flammable as a liquid, non-conductive, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, no solvents, no odors or toxic fumes.
• Not a sealant – will not trap moisture against metal.
• Clean, clear, invisible, with no sticky messy residue.

Note: Warranty only applies to vehicles those application was done at a Certified Corrosion FREE Zone.

8 reviews for Rust Cure Formula 3000 1G (4L) Jug Only

  1. Charles

    I have no doubt this stuff sticks quite awhile. I really do enjoy how thick it is. Though I have not really seen too much effect on the rust itself, I have no doubt it halts any progress of the rust because of the thickness and material properties. (someone mentioned on a random forum that he saw a ton of white bubbles as it “ate” away the rust.; I can’t say I saw any immediate chemical reaction)

    As one downside seems to be it’s a bit messy when applied by a newcomer to compressed air, painting setups. ?
    I am however curious as to why you don’t supply a wand/extension set for the cheaper spray gun? I think that’s the only main thing I would say was disappointing overall.

    The extreme upside as well which I don’t see you advertise is this.
    I bought a vehicle in a crunch, it was decently rusty, EVERYWHERE. (I live in Iowa though, with constant salts on the roads in winter) I applied this stuff hoping it’ll help the frame last a few more years, heck, if I keep it covered maybe even more. The one beneficial oddity I found after applying the Rust Cure, was the amazing ride quality the vehicle has now. No kidding. And after thinking about it, it would make sense that an old rusty car would have a bit of a stiffer frame as it’s progressed with age. But now it feels almost like a new vehicle as I can only imagine bushings were rehydrated/conditioned, joints get an extra bit of lubricant to help mechanical movement (the steering feels a bit better too), and leaf springs actually have movement as before I would bet it was pretty tough to move, rust grinding on rust.

    Anyways, just wanted to say there’s a selling point as well. I’m really impressed though!

  2. Paul (verified owner)

    Product has no smell and goes on thick or thin depending on how you have your Deluxe HD RP460 Applicator Gun with Wands setup. Good idea to apply in temperatures above 10 C as the product is difficult to get out of the bottle. When the bottle is empty, much product is wasted if you don’t cut the bottle and scoop out the remainder by hand.

    Haven’t used it for long, so I don’t really know if it stops or eliminates rust. I can say that it goes on and stays on. I applied a 1G jug coat on a motorhome a year ago and I’m happy to say not much has washed away. This year, I applied another 1G jug most everywhere else I missed the first time. Seems the more I apply, the more I want to apply. I usually go around 3 times; each time finding spots I’ve missed. Time will tell…

  3. Christopher (verified owner)

    Fast Shipping and communication was great with the company. Answered every question i had!

    Application of the product is easy enough. I had to buy cheaper third-party undercoating gun with extension wands to apply it. It can be messy at times but it does cling to the metal. It does bubble when it is first applied but i’m not sure it is really “eating” the rust away. I thinkit is merely the mix of air in the product that is escaping- both with the undercoating gun and with the spray can (Yes i used the spray can on my garage door hinges and bearings)

    It does “drip” a bit- more like trickle at the door seams because i flooded the whole panel which is normal in this case. But it does not drip as other products do and i don’t see any of the product on my garage floor.

    Another big plus- NO FUNNY SMELL unlike the other products. Well it does not smell at all!!

    Overall, i’m really happy with the product itself – time will tell how it holds the rust away. And i’m really happy with the customer service experience. Oh, i got some free samples of the stain remover also. Haven’t used it yet but i will.

    On another note, what the other reviewer said about your entry gun makes sense- why don’t you provide the wands for your cheaper spray gun? Not everyone can (or want to) afford the price for the Deluxe gun. Plus, if indeed your product will hold for 18 months as claimed, we will not be using the deluxe gun as often to justify the purchase.

    I can understand that you will want us to go for the deluxe gun if we want the wands but there is a huge price difference. The undercoating gun (with wands) i purchased cost me 70$ (Tax incl.). I would have gladly spent it with your company provided you had the product.

  4. Gary (verified owner)

    I used the product last year on my dodge truck. So far so good. No rust anywhere. The truck is a 2003 and last winter was the first one that it spent in Ohio. It is a bit messy, but sticks to the metal. I noticed fewer squeeks as bushings and connections are lubricated by the product. I plan on applying on my vehicles every fall.

  5. Stan

    Outstanding product. Works great. I have recommended it to a number of my friends, and everybody is very happy with it. I used it to treat my Mitsubishi Outlander 2009. It is very interesting how the product interacts with existing rust. From outside, it looks like the existing rust got more “flaky”; it falls of easier; it looks like the product kind of dried off on the rusty areas. In fact, it looks like it goes through it down to the unaffected metal actually lifting the “flaky” rust. So, the second spray at the rusty areas is highly recommended.

    Here are one-year-after-the-treatment photos, be your own judge:



    Infamous cross-member problem (recall):
    After the dealership saw the cross-member, they said that it was OK. Thanks to the rust-cure!






  6. Jeff Boyce (verified owner)

    Iv’e been using Corrosion for several years and i would say it’s one of the best products on the market. It’s drip free ,and very easy to apply . My cars are aging very well one of them is 10 years old and showing no signs of corrosion anywhere, the other is 12 years old still amazing condition. If you really care about your car buy the self starter kit it’s a little expensive but certainly worth it . Buy with confidence it really does work .

  7. beaudoin73 (verified owner)

    For me, the biggest measuring stick for any company is customer support. This company so far not only deals with high quality products but their customer service is fantastic. They answered all my questions in a clear and concise manner and usually in a couple of hours. Shipping is fast and I have had no more than 2 days “flash to bang”. A pleasure to have a company that takes pride in their products and treats customers like their actually important!

  8. Sten Williams (verified owner)

    This is my third year ordering from CorrosionFree. In my opinion this is a great product. I did a test spray on some scrap metal at home. It covered well with very little drip. The oil continued to creep into untreated crevices and seams over the next several days. Saw the same result on my pickup truck. Love this product and the shipper. My order was confirmed immediately and shipped by the next day. I highly recommend this company.

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