RP460 HD Applicator Gun with Wands


RP460 HD Applicator Gun with Wands

Uniquely engineered, DIY RP460 HD Applicator Gun with wands is specially designed to spray Rust Cure Formula 3000 with CSC 850.



Gun discounted over $90 with product purchase! 

Rust Cure Formula DIY Deluxe Kit –  Rust Cure Formula 3000 Mega Pack

Deluxe Gun with Wands

Uniquely engineered, DIY RP460 HD Applicator Gun is specially designed to spray Rust Cure Formula 3000 with CSC 850.

Use the DIY RP460 HD  Applicator Gun to professionally apply Rust Cure Formula 3000. Requires compressor. Maximum pressure rating 125 psi.  Item number L015-201

Increased atomization and faster delivery. Included with the kit is a 45 degree x 10″ hook wand with top quality 18″ flex hose, a round nozzle for direct application and a quick coupler on the gun to allow fast changes between nozzle and wand.

RP460 HD Gun Tips:

If you have never used the gun before it does take some getting used to the gun.

We recommend keeping the pressure between 80-100 PSI.   The gun has a 2 stage trigger.  Stage 1 is air only.  Stage 2 is air and full-throttle product.  You will never need to have the trigger pressed full-throttle, that will give you too much product.  Try pulling the trigger to the first stage of air only and then feathering/pulsing your fingering into stage 2, which will mix the product with the air and will apply a thin layer.  You will find it doesn’t take much feathering of the trigger to bring the product up.

The beauty of mixing the product with air (atomizing it) you use less product and it creates a thin layer on the vehicle.  When using the wands if you find you have accidentally applied too much, simply use the first stage of the trigger which is air only, and move the product around.

Also, you want to product (not air temperature) to be warm.  Minimum above 70F, the warmer the product the thinner it becomes, naturally.

RP460 HD Gun Cleaning Tips:

Our product does not dry up and does not harm the gun so there is no need to clean the gun after use.
If it is necessary to clean it, we recommend an alkaline wash (an engine degreaser or warm water and blue dawn dish soap).  You would want to rinse thoroughly as the product used to clean left in the gun can damage the inside of the gun.
Weight10 kg

Product Video

Application Gun Comparison

You can download the PDF version here.

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  1. Chris2 (verified owner)

    Gun works great and with the wands it’s a great purchase for applying the product exactly where desired. I had never used a spray gun and had no trouble setting it up and coating my vehicle well once your used to the two stage trigger but that didn’t take long at all once you get going.gun is expensive but I think it’s needed for the product to be applied because it uses less since you can use the first stage trigger to spread it around. Great products highly recommend

  2. Miguel Banarez (verified owner)

    Great price and very durable equipment…

  3. Steve (verified owner)

    Mandatory to make the product perform

  4. Steve

    Gun is nice but the wands are what make it useful in my opinion. I had a wand that leaked at a fitting but Corrosion free replaced that quickly and easily. Only complaint is that the gun doesn’t work well if not vertical or full. That gets a bit annoying if your working on the ground.

  5. Ivica (verified owner)

    Well worth the money. Great products and very quick ship time

  6. Franz

    Performed the application as demonstrated in your video. Everything went very well. During next service, which I will do myself, the interim results should be apparent. The RAM truck has now 5000 km on the tachometer.

    Rating: easy to apply, good coating with the top spray gun I purchased from your company

  7. Paul

    Applicator gun works better than the standard applicator gun because of the attachments. Attachments enable you to get in all the cracks and crevices of your vehicle.
    I would personally like to see the attachments use the rubber hose (like the 45 degree wand) as opposed to plastic tubing as the plastic tubing tends to crease and stop the flow of product.
    Overall, I found the cost of this applicator gun expensive. Would I purchase this kit again? Yes, as I believe it is important to get the product everywhere on the vehicle and waste less in over spray, which the standard gun tends to do…

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